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Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is very ancient and is said to be over 700 years old. The legend said that it was found in a royal tomb by a chinese scientist. It was recently discovered and is used now to predict the gender of the unborn baby. The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is based on mother's lunar age at the time of conception and month of conception. It is a fun free and easy way to predict the gender of your baby and is very popular on the web. baby gender predictor test

How Chinese Pregnancy Calendar Works

To view your Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, simply select your age at the time of conception and month of conception.

Based on your selection, the Chinese Lunar Calendar will display the gender of your baby. For your convenience, you may also choose an option to view the Chinese Lunar Calendar chart.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar Setup

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Chinese Pregnancy Calendar vs Chinese lunar calendar

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar comes in a few word variations such as Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese conception calendar or Chinese birth gender chart. Even though they are slightly different, they are all synonyms of Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. So if you come around Chinese Lunar Calendar, don't get confused because at the end you will still end up with the same Chinese gender chart.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar Accuracy

Even though Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is one of the easiest gender prediction methods and is well known, Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is NOT accurate and is used for entertainment purposes only.

The most accurate result is when at delivery your OBGYN doctor pronounces those magic words: "Congratulations, It's a Boy or Girl!" However, below you will find some gender determination methods that are close to 95% accuracy.

FortuneBaby Gender Prediction Method

With FortuneBaby Gender Prediction Method, you can find out your baby's gender as early as your conception date. This Gender Prediction will calculate the strongest chromosome at the time of conception. Fortune Baby Method is also good for selecting the gender of your baby. You will receive a 1-4 years detailed report which will show when you need to conceive for your selected gender. Currently, Fortune Baby is offering FREE Pregnancy Toolkit (Relaxation Music during your Pregnancy, Pregnancy screensaver, Pregnancy Desktop and much more)

Ultrasound Gender Determination

Ultrasound Gender Determination can be performed as early as 23 weeks of your pregnancy. However, since the fetus may not cooperate during the ultrasound, the gender results may not be accurate. So if you're looking for a reliable way to find out the gender of your baby, then you should try Fortune Baby Gender Prediction Method or Ultrasound Gender Determination.

If you are looking for a fun way to guess the gender of your baby, Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is right for you. You may also check out our collection of well known Fun Gender Prediction Methods like Chinese lunar calendar.

Baby Gender Prediction

Baby Gender Prediction

This gender prediction formula is designed for women that are pregnant and would like to know the gender of their baby.

1-Yr Gender Predictor

Baby Gender Prediction

This formula is designed to help you plan the gender of your baby. It will provide you with the one-year prediction calendar, which will give you the correct timing of the conception depending on the gender of your preference.

Gender Selection

Gender Selection

Gender of your choice. Would you like a boy or a girl? This formula is designed to give you the opportunity to plan the preferred gender of your baby. It will provide you with the 4-year Gender Selection Calendar which will give you the correct timing of the conception depending on the gender of your choice.

Pregnancy Week by Week Guide

Pregnancy Week by Week guide taking you through the development of your baby during the course of the next nine months of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week by Week: 4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41 
Baby Gender Prediction
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Thanks for the awesome result. I did this test online and the result was Baby Boy. Few weeks later, we went for our scan, we found out that we are having a baby Boy...We excited and very happy.

Just wanted to say I had my gender prediction with you because I really wanted a boy! After 2 lovely girls it would be perfect..... your prediction stated I was having a boy! I had my 20wk scan Tuesday and guess what....................IM HAVING A BOY!!!

Wow, I cant believe your prediction was right! I had my 20 week scan today and found out we are having a baby girl! After having four boys, we are so so happy. You predicted we would have a girl, you were right! Thank you!

You were right, just had a 3D ultrasound done last night and it's a girl! Truly amazing, thanks.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU! Just a quick email to let you know we are having a girl as you predicted when I requested a four year baby gender prediction test. We are so excited as we have 2 boys and they are looking forward to the arrival of a beautiful baby sister to love and cherish at the beginning of October. I am 30 weeks pregnant and can not wait for her to arrive. You also predicted correctly that my second child was a boy. Many Thanks

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